Business Projects

Eco-Care Professional Housecleaning

After attending the Learning and Loving Education Center's English and computer classes, nine students came together to increase their economic status through a small business training project. These students attended 200 hours of on-site training to ultimately establish their own cooperative business, Eco-Care Professional Housecleaning a "low-toxic" cleaning company. All of these former students have increased their economic status, are earning a fair wage and some have attained home ownership.

The establishment of Eco-Care has enabled the owners to own an environmentally safe housecleaning cooperative which enables them to earn fair wages, work under safe conditions, and educate our customers about the benefits of ecologically sound cleaning practices to benefit their families and our planet.

Eco-care is made of all worker/owners who are professionally trained in and dedicated to environmentally safe cleaning methods. Eco-Care utilizes ecologically safe cleaning tools as well as a wide variety of low-toxic cleaning agents such as baking soda, vinegar, and vegetable-based soaps. For a free estimate contact them at (408) 778-8445 or visit